Curriculum Vitae : Sumio Watanabe, Ph.D.

Last Updated : 2018 June 18

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Curriculum Vitae Japanse Version

Name: Sumio Watanabe
Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology
Date of birth: March, 1959.
Place of birth: Nakano City in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

Graduated from Suzaka High School in Nagano Prefecture in 1977.
B.S. degree in physics in 1982 from the University of Tokyo (Department of Physics).
M.S. degree in mathematics in 1984 from the Kyoto University (Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences).
Ph.D. degree in applied electronics in 1993 from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Department of Applied Electronics).

Research and Teaching:
1987.4-1995.3 Researcher, Research and Development Center, Ricoh Co., Ltd..
1995.4-1997.3 Associate Professor, Department of Information Science, Gifu University,Japan.
1997.4-2001.11 Associate Professor, Precision and Intelligence Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology,Japan.
2001.12-2011.3, Professor, Precision and Intelligence Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology,Japan.
2011.4-Now, Professor, Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.
2016.4-Now, Professor, Department of Mathematical and Computing Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

Main Research Result:
Discovery of algebraic geometry in statistics.

(1) IEICE Fellow, 2013.
(2) Ichimura Prize for Science, 2006, "Theory and Algorithm of Learning Systems."
(3) Tejima Memorial Paper Award, 2002, "Algebraic analysis for nonidentifiable learning machines," Neural Computation, Vol.13,No.4,899-933,2001.

Sumio Watanabe. Algebraic geometry and statistical learning theory, Cambridge University Press, 2009.
Sumio Watanabe. Mathematical theory of Bayesian statistics, CRC Press, 2018.

Invited Talks in International Conferences:
(1) Biological Computation and Learning in Intelligent Systems, AMS 2002 Fall Central Section Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, October 12-13, 2002.
(2) Spring Meeting of Mathematical Society of Japan. 2003.
(3) International Symposium in Algebraic Statistics and Computational Biology, Clay Mathematics Institute, USA, Nov, 12-14, 2005.
(4) IEEE International Symposium in Foundation of Computational Intelligence, Hawaii,USA, April 1-5, 2007.
(5) Seasonal Institute of Mathematical Soceity of Japan. (Aug 2008).
(6) Algebraic Methods in Systems Biology and Statistics, Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute, UAS, 2008.
(7) Algebraic Statistics, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, USA, 2008.
(8) JSPS Forum on singularities and applications, Institut de Recherche Mathematique Avancee, France, 2009.
(9) Russell Steele, Bernd Sturmfels, and I held a workshop in American Institute of Mathematics. ``Singular Learning Theory :connecting algebraic geometry and statistical model selection", 12-16/Dec/2011.
(10) 2013 Joint Statistical Meetings, Palais des congres de Montreal, Canada, August 3-8, 2013.