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Good morning or afternoon or evening.I am HAYASHI, a member of Watanabe Lab.It gave us Welcome to Come.This page explains HAYASHI.


  • Release PUBLICATIONS. Slide. (2017.12.4)
  • Release PUBLICATIONS. (2017.11.15)
  • Release PUBLICATIONS. Our paper is accepted by IEEE SSCI!(2017.10.2)
  • Release PUBLICATIONS.(2017.9.25)
  • Release PUBLICATIONS. Our paper is published !(2017.8.8)
  • Release PUBLICATIONS.(2017.6.16)
  • Release PUBLICATIONS. Our journal paper is accepted by Neurocomputing!(2017.5.9)
  • Release PUBLICATIONS and PROFILE.(2017.2.22)
  • Release PUBLICATIONS.(2016.12.26)
  • Release RESEARCH and PUBLICATIONS.(2016.11.22)
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  • Start making this page.(2016.9.28)